Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 48

Montrose, CO to Naturita, CO

86.5 miles
6:35 time
2825 calories

My most favorite 20 miles of the whole country were the last 20 of today.  Photos can't capture it but it was awesome.  We were in a mesa on top of the mountains, going down hill with clouds and peaks all around.  Sooo beautiful.  And then we got into town and the locals bought us several rounds of beer.  Can't beat today!

 He had a little bike park in his backyard.
Our last divide - the Dallas Divide.
 The coolest  bar/cafe/resto/chill spot I've seen.  In Norwood - called Two Candles.

In the mesa.

Day 47

Gunnison, CO to Montrose, CO

80 miles
3000 calories
6:35 time

I was sweep today with Arthur.  Mark hung with us for the most part too.  We got near town pretty late but still decided to take the optional 6 mile climb up to the Black Canyon to check it out.  As soon as we got to the top, a hail storm hit us and we took shelter.  We eventually made it back down - and into the host at about 8:30pm.  Looooong but awesome day.


 Art chalked for Mark & I once we made it to the top - we were the last....  by a lot.

You can see the tiny river at the bottom that has carved out the canyon for the past 2 million years.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 46

Salida, CO to Gunnison, CO

64 miles
3023 calories

Day 45

Breckenridge, CO to Salida, CO

86 miles
3200 calories
6:30 time

 Heading out in the morn.

Yet another continental divide.

Lindsey and I were appalled by this "Develop This" sign.  Seriously? 

The meatballs + Paul rolling in to lunch.

 Collegiate Peaks - there were 5.  But I dunno what the 5th is... Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, Yale, and ?


Day 44

Granby, CO to Breckenridge, CO

85 miles
3350 calories
6 hrs


 The flock of birds to the left kept circling around for a good 5 minutes.

Our lunch spot along the reservoir.
The cows actually managed to get to the top of the hill?
Huge falcon's nest.
 In Frisco.
 Breckenridge in the background.