Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 26

Springfield, IL to Pittsfield, IL

3000 calories
90.5 miles
5:30 time

We are staying at church members homes tonight. Lindsey and I are staying with the Fudges in the home on a farm. They're super nice and have an amazing home. Finally a bed to sleep in!

A hairdresser donated her time to give us all haircuts!

The church made a birthday cake for all the July birthdays.


  1. Donated haircuts? That is so nice! Glad you got to sleep in a bed :)

  2. UM SOMEHOW I missed that you cut all your hair off?!?1

  3. i cut it off two days ago! not this day, but i was inspired by all the people that got their hair chopped off so i did it a few days later in lawrence, ks.