Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 55

Otter Creek State Park, UT to Milford, UT

102 miles
3200 calories
6:11 time

Today was forecasted thunderstorms all day long everywhere we were going.  We had to stop at a diner 17 miles in for a few hours to wait it out.  When the leaders realized it wouldn't pass, they started shuttling people.  It would take 3 loads, 160 miles roundtrip everytime so some of us just keep biking to keep the distance down.  As we got closer and closer, about 12 of us were able to make it all the way into town in time miraculously.  Still haven't been vanned!

 We organized a "prom" party for Nevada to keep spirits alive while in Utah and NV.  So we all came up with creative ways to ask our "dates" to the party.  Drew asked Erica and Bree.
 Waiting out the storm and hoping not to get vanned...

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